Femke Vindevogel, born in 1978 in Ghent, Belgium, is a queer contemporary artist & writer residing and working in Jabbeke, Belgium. She works primarily in acrylics & colored pencil and she paints as she writes: from the perspective of a detached observer, drawing her inspiration from the grand themes in her own life: the chronic migraines that made her a homebody, the escape she therefore finds in domestic and other banal things of little beauty that surround her in her daily life.

Vindevogel studied Fine Arts at Luca, School of Arts and the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Ghent from 1995 to 2007. Since 2008, the artist has lived and worked nearby Bruges, Belgium. Vindevogel had her debut exhibition at Galerie Link (Now De Bruycker Fine Art Gallery in Antwerp) in Ghent in 2004. Since then, the artist had several exhibitions with De Bruycker.

Vindevogels work first came to prominence through powerful fresco’s on wood panel, experimenting with Japanese paper and organic materials. By the early 2010s, Vindevogel’s work became more subtile, exploring the possibilities of heavy bodied acrylic brushstrokes, oilpaint, thin washes and collage. Currently she’s working on a renewing Chair Series that is leaning towards realism, using acrylics and colored pencil. This series is painted on pleated paper, to emphasize the beauty of imperfection.

A constant in her work is the workability of the surface and the constantly scraping off and adding layers, a phase that stretches itself for weeks and months on end and that it very similar on how she writes novels and poetry.

  • Femke Vindevogel
    Born in 1978 in Ghent, Belgium.
    Resides and works in Jabbeke, Belgium.

    Contact Information:

    Femke Vindevogel
    Jabbeke, Belgium
    +32 (0)474329965

  • Education/Training:

    1992-1996     Luca, School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium.

    2001-2004     Academy of Fine Arts, Painting, Ghent, Belgium.

    2005-2009     Academy of Fine Arts, Photography, Bruges, Belgium.

    2023-Today   Academy of Fine Arts, Linocut & Etching, Bruges, Belgium.

    Selected Press & Publications:

    Femke Vindevogel, “Daintree” in National Geographic, 2007
    Femke Vindevogel, “Collage” in Cultuurkrant Exit, 2008

  • Selected Exhibitions:

    2002, ‘Kronkels in het gras’, Gallery Willemfonds, Ghent, Belgium.
    2003, ‘7 New Masters’, Galerie Link, Ghent, Belgium.
    2004, ‘Fluke Luke, Raf Lauriks, Johan Houthoofd en Femke Vindevogel,’ Galerie Link,  Ghent, Belgium.
    2004, ‘Eindejaarstentoonstelling,’ Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium.
    2005, ‘Image3,’ Exhibition Halls Bruges. Belgium.
    2005, ‘Eindejaarstentoonstelling,’ Academy of Fine Arts, Bruges, Belgium.
    2006, ‘Geknipt,’ Bruges, Belgium.
    2006, ‘Arnoevoo,’ Bredene, Belgium.
    2007,  ‘Fear’, Departure hall Airport, Zaventem, Belgium
    2007, ‘Arnoevoo,’ Bredene, Belgium.
    2007, ‘Input/Output, Culturehouse Bruges, Belgium.
    2007, ‘Eindejaarstentoonstelling,’ Academy of Fine Arts, Bruges, Belgium.
    2008,  ‘Sage comme une image II, 4 jonge vrouwen, Gallery Link, Gent,
    2008, ‘Eindejaarstentoonstelling,’ Academy of Fine Arts, Bruges, Belgium.
    2009, ‘O.S.D. 1’, Bruges, Belgium
    2009, ‘Eindejaarstentoonstelling,’ Academy of Fine Arts, CC Scharpoord, Knokke-Heist, Belgium.
    2010, ‘Expositie in Galerie T,’ Middelburg
    2011, ‘Expo 40 years Destelheide,’ Dworp, Belgium
    2012-2014, ‘O.S.D.’, Oosterzele, Belgium
    2015, ‘O.S.D’, Balegem, Belgium
    2016-2018, ‘O.S.D.’, Ghent, Belgium
    2019-2024, O.S.D.’, Jabbeke, Belgium

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